Hotrod Sept04


By: the HOT ROD Staff
Photography: Wes Allison, Duane Pearson, and Courtesy of the Car Owners
Reprint from Hot Rod Magazine, September 2004


Looking sinister in bare metal, Joe Rogan’s ’70 ‘Cuda is far-cry from the clap-trap version he cruised along Melrose in his pre-Fear Factor days.


Before Fear Factor host Joe Rogan hit it big and before E-bodies cost colossal coin, he putted along in a clunkety-clunk ’70 Plymouth ‘Cuda. Now that he’s rich, he picked up a similar ‘Cuda, called up Rad Rides by Troy, and ordered up the full pimp-package. For that obligatory look-at-me Hollywood flair, it will wear three-tone paint that transitions from fire-red to matte-black to silver and roll on 19- and 22-inch Billet Specialties wheels. A 650hp 528 crate Hemi (formerly of the HOT ROD Hemi Dakota) will feed a 727 Bowler trans, Gear Vendors overdrive, and a four-link Dana 60. Another trick touch is a custom independent front suspension that replaces the factory torsion bars with coilovers.—STEPHEN KIM

If a Hemi ‘Cuda is the ultimate Mopar and if Mopars are the hottest musclecars, then a Hemi ‘Cuda by Troy could be the hottest street machine on the planet. See the entire buildup on Rides on The Learning Channel.