“The Absolute best in 4X4 Engineering”

GEAR VENDORS makes specific adaptation kits for each model of transfer case. This is far more costly than other manufacturers who will have you move your transfer case because GM/Dodge/Ford all use the same patterns between the transfer case and transmission (thus one kit fits all). Simple for them but a host of engineering problems for you and the truck. By making specific extension housings to each model/brand transfer case GEAR VENDORS is able to have a better product with great engineering benefit to the final installation. Fact is, when you are in 4X4 there is very little desire to use GearSplitting and overdrive unless you are racing (and we do make the in-between kit for that purpose), it’s 2wd where the benefits of overdrive and additional gears are most needed. All our kits bolt directly to the rear of the transfer case and are electronically locked out during 4X4 operation.

No additional crossmembers and you retain the factory ground clearance instead of moving the transfer case rearward which puts it at or nearer the middle of the wheelbase where ground clearance is most critical. No lengthening of the front driveshaft which can create too long a shaft for today’s highway speeds and engineering concerns of joint cancellation and driveshaft critical speeds. You get all the benefits of the GearSplitting performance and overdrive economy listed in the 2wd section (see your appropriate transmission under GM/Dodge/Ford 2wd) and the best auxiliary transmission you can buy. Call us at the factory for any questions on the product or installation or to arrange for installation at your local authorized dealer or preferred mechanic.


Since we mentioned racing, the ProSystem banner above is Eric Vigoreaux who has won several off road championships including the 24Hours of France. The Truck was rented for the 2004 Quatar Rally and won that event also. Chevrolet Pro Truck – 850hp with a Th400 and Gear Vendors Under/Overdriveâ„¢ used in all the championships.

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