SEMA Awards

GEAR VENDORS are the highest quality most awarded
auxiliary transmissions you can buy.

  • Two time winner of SEMA’s best engineered award.
  • Original Equipment on over one million new vehicles from GM’s Callaway Corvette to Fleetwood Rv’s.
  • The industries best warranties:*
    2-Years unlimited mileage on non-commercial use automatic transmission applications and car manual transmissions.
    1-year on all commercial and truck manual transmissions.
  • 30 Day Money Back guarantee. You can actually drive it for 30 days and get your money back if you don’t love it. *(See 2-year limited warranty page).
  • DIRECT FACTORY SUPPORT @ 800-999-9555 with any questions or technical assistance 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday, Pacific Standard Time.
  • What is the Best Warranty?
    1st of all the best warranty because you should never have to use the warranty provisions.
    You do not want to buy a transmission product that ever should require replacement.
    Gear Vendors overdrives are the strongest you can buy, built to outlive the car itself, so you should never have to repair it.
    If you did have to use a warranty, what good would it be if you have to send the transmission back and wait for repairs?
    And what about service after the warranty?
    With a deposit (refundable core charge – and all cores are accepted as refundable) Gear Vendors lets you exchange so that we send the replacement first and then you send the core back.

  • At HotRod Drag Week we have seen cars with 2 week old transmissions fail and even though they were under warranty the customer had no choice but to buy another trans locally and immediately.
    What else could he do – box it in what, ship it and wait a week or two in a hotel for replacement or tow the vehicle hundreds of miles back home.
    That is just one of the reasons why the only overdrive you want is a Gear Vendors bolted to the back of the best transmission for reliability.

  • Transmissions never break in your garage – so you want the best.
    Many savy mail order retailers offer long warranties on their tranmsissions knowing full well that their race and abuse exclusions, and plain difficulties shipping and waiting mean that you will never use their warranty.

  • This is the single biggest reason Gear Vendors is the only overdrive used in ultra high horsepower applications. If you have a million dollars in a car like Blowfish and you are going to hit a button to engage overdrive (clutchless shift, full throttle at over 250mph) it better be the best overdrive and of the quality you can bet your life on.