MOTORHOME 3-Speed Automatic With Parking Brake

3-SPEED AUTOMATICS gain excellent performance through gear-splitting and economy with overdrive. Motorhomes so greatly need the overdrive just to cruise at today’s speeds that the product will pay for itself rapidly. The engine and all the engine driven accessories get to slow down 22% when in overdrive. Not only does this mean less wear but also these components (a/c compressor, alternator, transmission, etc.) will rob less power at the reduced rpm so the power is more efficient. Mileage improvements in the 20-24% percent range are proven in all back to back mileage comparisons done by major magazines and our 27 years of customers. There is no better component to improve mileage and wear and tear on your RV.

The GEAR VENDORS is the finest product for Motorhome performance and is the only performance product ever used as standard equipment by RV, Truck and Car manufacturers. From Fleetwood Limited to GM’s Callaway Corvette, manufacturers have used GEAR VENDORS because of its performance and engineering reputation as the best in the industry. Today we are found in 850hp Trucks in Off Road racing which you can watch on Speed TV most Friday’s – this product is that durable.


Gear-Splitting is that ability to give you a gear between each of your forward gears sequentially when you want power. Study the Final Drive Ratios chart for your transmission (in the 2-wheel drive section) and notice how you will now have 4 underdrive gears, one direct drive gear, and one overdrive gear, for a total of 6 forward ratios. The close ratios keep the engine in the power from one gear to the next.

You do not have to be Mario Andretti (or Michael) to enjoy this feature. When you are climbing a hill and 3rd (high) is too tall, commonly 2nd has the engine just screaming because it is too low. With the Gear Vendors installed you will have a 2nd-over gear that will turn on automatically at a 28% faster road speed than 2nd or you can select this gear manually whenever you want. Look at the Final Drive Ratios for your transmissions (GM model 475), (Ford model C6), (Dodge model 727) and you will notice that with a 4.56 rear gear (common in the 30-35 foot class A) that 2nd over is just like having a 5.16-5.27 (depending on brand) rear gear.

This is what the trademark UNDER/OVERDRIVEâ„¢ refers to because the GEAR VENDORS will give you more performance than any underdrive or overdrive on the market. In fact you could purchase both an underdrive and an overdrive by any other manufacturer and still not have the performance of a GEAR VENDORS. The only thing an underdrive could do is get you a gear below first, which GEAR VENDORS cannot but you gladly trade that for all the performance, increased miles per gallon, and engineering of a GEAR VENDORS.


All other underdrive or overdrive on the market are simply dual ranges. This mean they are intended to just give you three lower gears or three taller gears but you still have the same space between each gear you have now. This is because all competing units are small manual transmissions whereas the GEAR VENDORS is a fully hydraulic, planetary gearset designed like your automatic transmission.

Now you will always have the right gear for power and economy. Plus, the GEAR VENDORS gives you many automatic features with out AUTODRIVE control system, which is standard and turns the overdrive on and off automatically just like your vehicle came factory equipped with the system.

The addition of the Gear Vendors is going to change your vehicle performance,mileage, and enjoyment tremendously. You will not believe how much quieter it is to ride in (try going 44mph – that is the rpm that will take you 71mph in overdrive). Or looked at from an engine driven component standpoint – The same engine revs that currently take you 550 miles are going to take you 710 miles.

Read also the section concerning your transmission in the 2-wheel drive section,then call us and we will arrange an installation at your local dealer or answer any questions you have. There is simply no good reason not to own a GEAR VENDORS in these vehicles.

Note: Most Cass A’s and Cass C’s longer than 30ft have a drivelineparking brake. To confirm, look at the rear of your transmission and you should see drum for the brake shoes (this steel or cast iron drum will be about 12 inch in diameter on GM and Ford products and about 8 inches on the Chrysler/Dodge). If your vehicles does not have the transmission mounted park brake then your product part numbers, description and prices will be listed in the Trucks/Towing section.

MOTORHOME 3-Speed Automatic W/Parking Brake
Application Guide GM / FORD / DODGE

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