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The Chrysler A833 4 speed is one of the best shifting, most durable transmissions built. We cringe whenever we hear someone switched one out to a lightweight late model 5 speed. By adding the Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive you get several benefits that make this an awesome transmission package. First, you get to keep the period correct trans, trans crossmember and shifter in your car. You are adding the strongest overdrive on the planet warranted for 2years even behind 1200hp and dragstrip use (no other transmission is going to guarantee that). The system installs with no more than a couple properly placed dents in the tunnel and can be put in without even those. Very simple install.


After installation you have a 28.6% faster cruising gear that will have your 4.10 rear gear cruising like it were a 3.20 (3.55s will be 2.77s) and much quieter and nicer rpm on the motor with 25-28% better mpg. Then you also get probably the best kept secret in the mopar performance aftermarket: Clutchless shifts that can be performed by the Gear Vendors for huge time-slip gains in the ¼ mile or street acceleration. Launch in 1st with our AutoLaunch circuit on and the vehicle will accelerate and as the engine revs shift clutchless to 1st-over. This is right where the automatic cars are blowing by you. You can clutchless shift under full throttle (or any throttle) on top of any gear in the A833 with the Gear Vendors. With the A833 2.44, 1.77, 1.34, 1.00 ratios you will only be 12 hundredths different in ratio vs the 1-2, and only 4 hundredths different on either the 2-3 or 3-4 shift.


You can be boulevard cruising in 2nd and want to show off a little – just squeeze a little throttle and hit our button on your shifter for a clutchless shift and the same tire barking fun and performance the auto guys get. The hot setup in bracket racing is to flip the 3-4 side cover lever over so that 3rd is where 4th is now and shift 1st, 1st-over, 3rd, 3rd-over and do the entire 1/4 mile with just one clutch depression. For most drivers we are not talking tenths of improvement but a full second on the watch.

There is also a wide ratio 833 trans with factory overdrive that was offered with 3.09, 1.67, 1.00, and .73 overdrive ration in the non-performance Darts, Satellites, etc. This wide ratio trans is horrible in the performance aspect but if you add a Gear Vendors you pick up a 2.40, 1.30, .78, and .57 double overdrive ratios. Makes for a slick 7speed trans that though is not quite as fast in the ¼ compared to the close ratio 833/Gear Vendors combo – does have a double overdrive gear for those guys running 4.88s in the rear.

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Overdrive and Installation Pictures
60’s & 70’s B & E Bodies

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Mopar 883 Installation - 1Mopar 883 Installation - 2Mopar 883 Installation - 3

Slot the crossmember holes up .10 inch each – not the frame – this will allow a perfect fit by lowering the od just a bit.

Rear view of overdrive which fits beautifully in tunnel a.b,and e bodies.

GV button on new plastic grips are available from us, $79 dollars for the pair.

Mopar 883 Installation - 4Mopar 883 Installation - 5Mopar 883 Installation - 6

For cleanest look put a .10 x .10 groove down the length of the shifter and press the wire into it.

If you make the groove .14 deep it will completely be flush but we like the small black rib showing.

Notice the red and green lights for the ovedrive.



Find your transmission and rear gear multiplier below. The Final Drive Ratio shows you how many times the engine turns for one complete turn of the tires. This Final Drive number is also your torque multiplier when in that gear. GEAR VENDORS reputation for being the best is because of its sophisticated planetary construction. This means GEAR VENDORS is the only auxiliary intended as a GearSplitter behind automatics and the nicest to work behind both automatics and manuals. You are able to shift half gears that keep the engine in the power. Any auxiliary that requires you to let off the accelerator or is not intended to shift frequently is not going to give you this performance.

There is not room here to cover all the details so call the factory to discuss the full benefits demonstrated on these charts.

CLOSE RATIO2.441.901.771.371.341.041.000.78 
WIDE RATIO2.662.071.911.491.391.081.000.78 
EXTRA WIDE3.092.401.921.491.401.091.000.78 
O/D VERSION3.092.401.671.301.000.780.730.57 
A883 HP-340/440/400 B & E Body         Close RatioDRAG RACE SHIFT SEQUENCE
A883 64 – 70 B,C,E Body         Wide Ratio 
A883 67 – 79 A Body           Wide Ratio 
A883 64 – 66 A Body         Extra Wide Ratios 
A883 75 – 79 A Body         With Over Drive 

Call or e-mail the factory to find out all the options available in your performance application.


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