If you tow commercially or use your truck loaded as part of your daily earning, you are very different from the majority of our customers who tow only recreationally. For commercial equipment use, hauling horse, cattle, equipment, or delivering RV trailers or Boats – we recommend a maximum load of 25,000 gross combined including the truck. You will note that this rating is 17% under our max in the recreational use because of the increased hours of continuous duty which breakdown the lubricity of the fluid protecting our components.

Commercial cooler

If you are commercially loaded and over 25,000# combined, than it is not recommended to use our product. If you fall within the weight but work the truck over 65k miles per year we recommend our commercial cooler. Reverse capacity is also something you should discuss with us as many commercial users exceed our limits when backing their loads.

If you have a factory overdrive transmission and are thinking the Gear Vendors will get you better mileage when towing – we would not agree. It is false economy to think you can tow a heavy load with just 1/2 an engine revolution per driveshaft turn. Staying at 60mph and below are the best ways to save fuel and wear on your truck because the aero load of the typical trailer is 1/2 at 60 what is at 75mph. Factory overdrive + Gear Vendors is perfect for when the truck is not towing, but when you are towing the aerodynamics require horsepower. The UNDER/OVERDRIVE™ can be extremely beneficial and capable of delivering hundreds of thousands of miles within these limits.

Commercial Towing