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Larry and Chris James Blown Willy’s graced the cover of both Hot Rod and Rod&Custom. Full cover on the Baddest Willy’s issue because it is very bad and driven to many events.


Tim Allen’s HOME IMPROVEMENT ’46 Ford was built with a polished and chromed Flathead/C4/GEAR VENDORS powertrain. the UNDER/OVERDRIVE will greatly help the flathead perform. Tim also has a ’56 Ford Big Window truck with a 302/C4/GEAR VENDORS drivetrain.


Rich Boyd’s ’34 has been featured in a series of articles for Rod&Custom where Rich is an editor. The feature article was “GEAR VENDORS UNDER/OVERDRIVE Unexpected Performance/It’s a Blast to Drive”.


Cole Quinell’s Pavement Pounder was a Hot Rod Magazine project car. The 3500lb. car turns 9’s on the dragstrip using nitrous and GEAR VENDORS (2nd over gearsplit added a 10th) from 557 cubic inches. Driven on the Power Tour, it is very bad.


In the July ’99 issue of Rod & Custom, Jeff Tann (an editor at R&C) put his ’57 on the cover. More importantly to us a feature installation article on the GEAR VENDORS in his car appeared in the May ’99 issue.


Jack Chisenhall’s Studebaker was one of the most photographed and featured cars of the 1990’s. Powered by a 700 cubic inch Merlin, backed by a Jerico 4speed and a GEAR VENDORS. The car has been driven to Bonneville and then gone 200+ and drove away.


Ralph Weavers Olds Rat is pretty but the chassis is bad to the bone with a 427/TH400/ GEAR VENDORS. You wonder how these guys who build such greatly detailed chassis feel the day they have to cover it all up with a body.


The Predator was likely the most photographed car of the ’90’s. This ’39 Chevy really solidified builder Troy Trepanier’s (Rad Rides by Troy) as one of the top builders and creators in rodding.


Doug Bryant’s Woody is powered by a Chevy Big block, TH400, and GEAR VENDORS. It appeared on this cover as well as the Best Picks Annual. Very cool.


One of our earliest Hot Rods to get editorial was Andy Granatelli’s 220 mph Camaro. The Twin-Turbo /TH400/ GEAR VENDORS equipped ’82 is still gathering recognition (both it and the GEAR VENDORS equipped Keith Black Camaro were featured in 1990’s “Baddest Camaros of All time” issue of Hot Rod.


Phantom Dually with blown small block/700r4/GEAR VENDORS. This truck is definitely fun to drive with 4.56 rear gear and 8 forward ratios. Blain has a 55 Blown Chev with a GEAR VENDORS.


All automatic versions of GM’s CALLAWAY TWIN TURBO CORVETTES came factory with a TH400 and GEAR VENDORS. This was because these cars have 586ft lbs of torque and Hydramatic thought that was a little much for a 700r4. this is just one example of over 20 different cars, trucks, vans, and motorhomes that have come factory with our overdrive.


GEAR VENDORS fits lots of early restored iron and vintage cars like Buddy George’s ’51 White delivery truck. GEAR VENDORS are approved for the GREAT AMERICAN race participants as one of the only options these guys can do to their otherwise original restored rides.


Owens Motorsports made the cover of Sport Truck with this slammed, blown, GEAR VENDORS equipped, truck. In conjuction with the factory overdrive the truck has 8 forward ratios it can shift through under full throttle, which really helps heavy iron perform like a muscle car.


Pat Weir’s Magoo built ’33 350/TH350s/GEAR VENDORS Street Rodder June ’89


Mike Burroughs & Keith Black KB Big Block/400/GV Hot Rod’s Baddest Car of the Decade 12/89


Bob Hewitt’s ’40 Ford by Norm Francis Street Rods also has a 57 chevy with GV


Al Harris’ ’35 Ford Pickup Blown 351/C6/GEAR VENDORS Street Rodder Feb ’95


Roy Brizio-Brizios Street Rods Big Block/TH400/GEAR VENDORS Built for Hurley Haywood


David McCallum’s ’36 Blown 350/TH350/GEAR VENDORS Street Rodder Cover Mar ’88


Dave Addison’s “Buckwheat” 350/TH350s/GEAR VENDORS American Rodder May ’96


Peter Rosi’s Rolls Royce GEAR VENDORS are legal for Great American race entrants.

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